OH MY ANNIE | St. Vincent

CHANNELING ZEP: My good friends have seen this before, and know that I am addicted to this wonderful video version of St. Vincent playing “Oh, My God” for Lake Fever Sessions. This track showcases many of St. Vincent’s (a.k.a., Annie Clark) considerable qualities. Her lyrics: “When the drink goes in, the devil comes out. / Days go by and the past don’t seem so far.” Her guitar plucking style is intricate: She taught herself. (In fact, I believe she’s playing with a borrowed guitar. She said she doesn’t even own an acoustic.) The song is haunting and nostalgic. It reminds me of the tone set by Led Zeppelin on the “Led Zeppelin III” album. It’s a really deep, ancient sounding acoustic song — which feels like it’s coming straight from the damp earth. Her voice is the wind blowing across this earthy, reflective tone. Thanks Lake Fever Sessions for what is an absolute gem of a recording.

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