DARK & SWEET: My friends have heard me touting Timber Timbre’s (a.k.a. Taylor Kirk) album for awhile now. His name comes from the sound of his guitar and the word his father yelled when chopping down trees on the farm he grew up on. This blog simply must have a post about this Canadian master songwriter. I first fell in love with the song “Demon Host” off his newest self-titled album. You might say he had me at, “I was on the fence / And I never wanted your two cents / Down my throat / In the pit / With my head upon the spit / Oh, reverend please, can I chew your ear? / I’ve become what I most fear / And I know there’s no such thing as ghosts / But I have seen the demon host.” Beautiful acoustic guitar set to a chorus of haunting “ohs” and lyrics that play with images and a childhood church rhyme. The instrumentation has a trotting Johnny Cash feel to it. And much like Cash, the song is highly introspective through narrative. Timber Timbre seems adept at illuminating the darkness with a light touch. Click on his name above and go to his MySpace page to hear another of my favorites, “Lay Down in the Tall Grass.” See the original video for “Demon Host” here at vimeo.

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One thought on “NO SUCH THING AS GHOSTS | Timber Timbre

  1. You put Timber in a nutshell! After five years, it’s still (the?) one of my favourite songs. Pacifies the soul.

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