FRENZIFIED: Mostly this blog is about finding beauty. The music posts on “their bated breath” are often geared to new music, new releases, and quality artists who you may not have heard of otherwise. But sometimes, in the case of this post, it’s good to give shout-outs to bands I’ve come to love, that have been around toiling in dingy bars, but have yet to find huge audiences. (It’s hard to call a band that opened for Bloc Party “unknown” — but they largely are.) I’ve been listening to Oakland’s ‘Death of a Party’ for years. They’ve put out EPs, side projects, and the occasional YouTube video surfaces. Sadly, I’ve never seen them live — but I’d love to. All the video footage (this one’s a must see) I’ve seen shows a stellar band, whipping a small audience into frenzy with catchy (check out the coupling of a nasty bass and sharp-as-a-blade guitar in the song “Crimes of the Heart” below), campy, danceable guitar riffs, hypnotic rhythms — and just plain-old rockin’ fun. They’re a pop-punk band if there ever was one. Their style is jerky and spastic. Death of a Party has a bit of The Clash, Bauhaus, and The Foals in them. Whatever you do, buy whatever you can find or get your hands on. That’s what I did. Check out my personal favorite EP, “Shame of the Sweet”. The band is Gareth Philip Nicholas (Vocals, Keyboards), Adam Beck (Guitar, Vocals), Alex Restrepo (Bass), Patrick Lynch (Drums).

Death of a Party “Crimes of the Heart”

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