LINKED Vol.#6 | Man of Darkness

“Linked Volume” is a regular post of a hodge-podge of intriguing links on the Internet. Think of it as a breath of fresh air. A break from all music all-the-time. You’ll find links to good articles, maybe a slick piece of artwork, a cool new blog, mixed in with the tunes. A music blog can’t help but touch on other cultural interests. A curious nature is often the best way to create and find good music. Enjoy. Please feel free to e-mail me with suggestions for links. — David D. Robbins Jr.

BOOKS: Arthur Koestler is today known primarily as the author of “Darkness at Noon” — but a new biography wants to put his intelligence back to the forefront.
MUSIC: Rosanne Cash’s famed father Johnny Cash gave her a list of the 100 essential country songs that would help a budding musician.
PHOTOS: Impromptu photos of a Times Square snowball fight caught by freelance photographer Doug Kim. Photos are gorgeous.
AUDIO: Massive Attack’s song “Paradise Circus” — sans porno queen interview.
LIVE: Musician Joe Henry’s Blood From Stars is lined with a darkness that traces through the rugged history of American storytelling. Live show.

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