LIQUID LUST: “Double Trouble Do Do Bubble” is a groove-saturated, electronica and R&B-influenced spell of fuzzed-out aquatic love. Coyote Clean Up released its massive 23-song gem online for free. This album is for lovers of chill house-styled trip-outs, with echoed vocals that make you want to get stomach-to-stomach on the dance floor. We’re not talking mindless techno thumping, but smooth and soothing tempos with just enough bass to get everybody thinking about who they’re going home with at closing time. “Double Trouble” overflows with lusty liquid grooves that light up the libido. The song names are an odd mishmash of humor and straight up nonsense like, “toes 2 the nose”, “howevertrasssh”, “dxxth dxb”, “somucheyeseyeseyes” or that track featured below, “lackadaisical luv xxx f-u”. The music incorporates drum loops, guitar, heavy synths, arcade sounds, white noise, and even muffled effects — like Bjork did in “There’s More to Life Than This” on the album “Debut”. The most impressive thing about “Double Trouble” is this Motor City band seems to be able to enchant in 23 very different, sophisticated, but lo-fi ways. It’s all about the angles. Sometimes they come at you like Cornelius. Other times it feels like a beat you could easily freestyle over. But then tracks like “pushing marshmallow PM” or “hammering time” get into that sexy Esthero “Superheroes” mode. Or a song like “dumber by the day” turns out a groove more akin to the wicked feel of My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult. That track is hot as hell, building on the repeated phrase, “Everyone is going insane”. This band is, well, trip-xxx nsty dope — if you know what I mean. Get the full album right here. — Words by David D. Robbins Jr.

Coyote Clean Up “lackadaisical luv xxx f-u”

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