CANADIAN ABUNDANCE: There really is something in the air in Canada these days. Our northern neighbors are kicking out good music like some giant factory of cool. Add Dinosaur Bones to the list. In late 2009, the band joined producer Jon Drew (Tokyo Police Club, Fucked Up) in the studio to work on their debut LP. In the meantime, while Dinosaur Bones is off working in its “bunker of alcohol and creativity” — the band has offered a 7-inch preview, featuring the songs “Ice Hotels” and “Royalty”. They couldn’t be more different. But each showcases an aspect of Dinosaur Bones’ talent. “Ice Hotels” has that soaring and sweeping feel like Arcade Fire. The song builds quietly with piercing feedback like a vibrating saw, lightly shaken maracas, and strummed guitar — before swelling into an elegant multi-layered wave of sounds. Lead vocalist Ben Fox delivers these soft vocals: “Toast to the newlywed petrified bride / White-knuckled grip / Toes that keep tapping / Silently praying for a change in the tide / To dry this place up, and keep her from drowning.” It’s as pretty as “Royalty” is rollicking. The guitar riffs are jagged and infectious, like a Spoon track — pushing forward on a super-slick bassline. The two tracks on this 7-inch have the feel of a band with a big, confident sound, built for large venues. But even with that big sound, you get lyricism like this: “You don’t have to go / You could stay right here / Spend your time whispering secrets in my ear … / You can come along — you could come with me / See how the fish steal diamonds from the sea.” Dinosaur Bones is: Fox, Branko Scekic (bass), Dave Wickland (keys), Lucas Fredette (drums) and Joel Clifton (guitar). — Words by David D. Robbins Jr.

Dinosaur Bones “Royalty” (MP3)

VIDEO BELOW: Dinosaur Bones “Ice Hotels”

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