BAD ROMANCE: Let it be known, I love covers. Even bad covers can be entertaining. But this is a decent one. Lissie (aka Lissie Maurus) comes from my neck of the woods — Rock Island, Ill., and I’ve been listening to her for a year now. Her five-track first EP, “Why You Runnin'”, was pretty decent for a debut effort — though a bit light in the lyrical department. The standout was a dreamy little southern rock number called “Little Lovin’“. One thing is certain, Lissie’s got a good voice. Here, the flaxen-haired beauty, turns Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” (the lead single off of “Fame Monster”) into something palatable with her smoky Stevie Nicks voice. It’s a fun cover and a nice way to drum up a little buzz for her newest single, “In Sleep”, which you can download for free on I-Tunes. — Words by David D. Robbins Jr.

Lissie “Bad Romance” (Lady Gaga cover)

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