RAW POWER | Thee Oh Sees

COMING TO A GARAGE NEAR YOU: Thee Oh Sees’ music feels like it emerged ill-formed from the primordial ooze. (In a good way.) It’s a racing psychedelia, full of pounding drum work, the full-sprint guitar of lead singer John Dwyer and the shrill altered-vocals of Brigid Dawson. This Bay Area band is releasing a new CD entitled, “Warm Slime” on May 11, 2010 through In the Red Records, following on the heels of their “Quadrospazzed ’09” 12-inch. Okay, in the time it took you to read the above sentences, Dwyer has quite possibly already finished a new album. Yeah, the band crafts songs at breakneck pace, a pace much like the fun-filled spastic music they play. — David D. Robbins Jr. (Photo by Kandi Cook.)

Thee Oh Sees “Castiatic Tackle”

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