GROWING UP: What is it about graphic designers and music? Baltimore noise-crafters Double Dagger are graphic designers and masters of typography, along with belting out some of the more aggressive music in the states. Asthmatic Kitty’s D.M. Stith is studying graphic design in Indiana, while forming his beautifully dense musical creations. Now there’s Computer Magic, the project of New York’s Danz (aka Danielle), who currently spends her time studying at Hunter College, doing some DJ work and graphic design. Perhaps it has something to do with the layering and painting required in both disciplines, where one’s mind opens to the possibilities of arrangement. Computer Magic makes cottony, plush electronic pop that feels both airy and futuristic. She uses keyboard, muted vocals, and found sounds. The 21-year-old’s track “Teenage Ballad (High School)” feels like a bit of a goof on doing everything by the book and pleasing one’s parents — when truly wanting to be free. Computer-sounding bleeps and a drum kit provide the pretty melodies and rhythm. “Running” is her standout track, with a great lead-in to heavy organ-synth and these lyrics, “How to find me, / In the dark / I haven’t got anywhere to go / When we go back to the start.” (Lyrics unofficial.) — David D. Robbins Jr. (Artwork made using musician’s photo.)

Computer Magic “Running”

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