X MARKS THE SPOT | Coyote Clean Up

GET YOUR GROOVE ON: Nothing like some Motor City love. Michigan’s Coyote Clean Up dropped their newest LP on us this week. This past February, the band unloaded a free 23-song album, playfully named “Double Trouble Do Do Bubble.” Well, they’re back with another record, “Downhill Exxxpress”, but this time it’s on cassette. Coyote Clean Up make music that is uniquely its own, flowing with additively sensual beats, samples, and breathy vocals like some My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult — minus all the weirdo sadomasochistic vibes. Their previous release was marked with odd-ball song titles, many of which featured a number of X’s in them. Now, you’ve got songs like “I Can’t Take this XXXX Anymore Doggie”, “Gloomy Booty”, “Check Me Out Like Whoa” and the titular obscurity, “XXXX XX”. You gotta love their sense of humor. “Too Bad Bro” is a five-second track. “Slo Yo Roll” begins with a Speak-N-Spell voice announcing, “That is incorrect, try again.” Underneath all the goofing and word-fun, is some damn fine music.  The lyrics consist of a lot of sexually charged chill fair and sweet nothings, like this verse from the band’s lead single and soon-to-be first video, “Downhill Express”: “I’ll be with you forever.” The release date for the new record is July 25,2010, and it can be purchased here at ihadanaccidentrercords. — David D. Robbins Jr.

Also: Their Bated Breath: Underwater Love: Coyote Clean Up (Feb. 11, 2010)

Coyote Clean Up “You Could Tell Me Anythang”

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