FLOATING | Holy Spirits

A FALLING FEATHER: Holy Spirits’ track “Tongues” opens with slow elegance, like a balloon letting loose air. It’s one long breath. A monastic sigh above softly plucked guitar, before percussive heavy-breathing and these opening lyrics: “Sometimes I find, / innocent bodies strewn about / In my mind, / sit down for awhile. / and I might speak strange tongues …” Holy Spirits, like Pat Grossi’s Active Child, play with loosely floating melodies and overlayed harmonies, giving the music a sense of enshrinement.  The lead vocals begin barely above a whisper, rising and falling with trailing accompaniment, like two birds trying to take flight. Then halfway into the track, there’s a shift into hand-claps and what sounds like a harp. Note the 2:05 mark in the song. That’s where you’re gonna lose it. Reminiscent of Joanna Newsom on “The Milk-Eyed Mender”. It’s otherworldly. Holy Spirit lists three band members on it’s MySpace page: Aaron Hodges on guitar and vocals, Michael Barron on drums and Rob Alvarez on vocals. “Tongues” is the fifth track off the band’s five-song EP, “This Afternoon’s Blood”, which you can hear and download for free at the band’s Bandcamp site here. Listen to the song “White Walls”. The vocals might remind you of Hayden Thorpe of Wild Beasts. It’s doesn’t get much prettier.  Note: Photo taken by Anna Wiener, altered by Their Bated Breath. (Lyrics unofficial.) — David D. Robbins Jr.

Holy Spirits “Tongues”

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