VAST PLAINS | Devotionals

OLD WORLD MUSIC: We’ve got our friends at One Night Music to thank for this. Devotionals make old world music, the kind that would have fit beautifully on the “Assassination of Jesse James” soundtrack written by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. Devotionals build compositions confident in their quietness, as a ‘musical chairs’ of band members move in and out of the lineup, to create music that finds a way to allow each instrument to roam across the plains. The songs almost seem to work as bold film scores, melding together the bleak and the beautiful at the fingertips of Tyson Vogel’s intricate acoustic work and his bandmates’ emotionally exhilarating swells. The band sat down for a session with San Francisco’s One Night Music to record six songs, fronted by the charismatic Vogel, and brothers Anton and Lewis Patzner on guitar, violin and cello. Their playing is one of those things you have to watch to understand just how good it is. It’s captivating to watch as very basic and traditional instruments cause a blossoming of rich textures and heartfelt stories told through a passion of strings. Devotionals feature tracks as elegantly named as the music itself, such as “Swell to the Invitations of the Sky”, “Chest Like Expansive Wings” and the verbosely wondrous, “Your Confused Beauty Upon My Cheek, Your Inhale Among My Unwashed Hair.” You can watch five videos at the One Night Music website and download six free tracks. Note: Photo by Stephanie Gonot. — David D. Robbins Jr.

VIDEO BELOW: Devotionals “Chest Like Expansive Wings” (via One Night Music)

Devotionals “Chest Like Expansive Wings” (via One Night Music)

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One thought on “VAST PLAINS | Devotionals

  1. wow, creative i like the dark shit gives me a feeling of quiet concern.. Tyson Vogel if you have the time id like to share some song ideas with you if your not to busy send me an email I think we have similar minds.

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