SONGS FOR LOVERS | Orange Blossom Flyover

LOST IN THE HAZE: Unluckily for Orange Blossom Flyover, I’m an English major with a massive library that would put small towns to shame. The title of the opening track, “Hearsay in Paradox Lust”, is a slightly altered phrase from James Joyce’s nearly impossible read, “Finnegans Wake”. As is the case throughout the novel, simple aphorisms carry a load of wordplay baggage. With Joyce, nothing is as simple as it may seem. In a way, the first track off “Fast Reverse” is equally as deceptive. It begins simply enough, with light drums and reverb guitar. It’s a song for the lost and lovelorn. But it glides intricately, expanding slowly like lava, as singer Ryan Scally sings drowsily between the swaying of the guitar melody. It’s an enchanting style that he carries into the second song, “Someone Like You”. The lyrics are nearly unintelligible, but the allure rests in the atmosphere Scally’s creates through his oscillating vocals. The third song, “Vicarious Room of Gold” finds Gracie Jackson trailing Scally’s lead vocals, giving their duet a cavernous sound. I know there are many people who are tired of this trend toward obscured singing. But sometimes it works. It gives “Fast Reverse” a heightened sense of mystery. It also makes it easier for listeners to fall into the mood and nuance of the songs, without having to concentrate on the literal meaning of the lyricism. It’s the dissonance that balances out the prettier, more melodic moments. I actually read the lyrics to “Vicarious Room of Gold” and its ambiguity fits well with the hazy veneer of the music. It’s obviously a song about a love gone wrong, but the causal details are left beautifully fuzzy: “Why did you let go of my feeling? / I’ll wait another day for that something / You put me in a daze, now I’m loving /Whenever I stop by you go running away, away.” Note: You can download Orange Blossom Flyover’s latest release at Scally’s bandcamp site. — Artwork/words by David D. Robbins Jr.

Orange Blossom Flyover “Vicarious Room of Gold” (feat. Gracie Jackson)

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