WAITING IN A BACK-ALLEY: Make no mistake, La Femme is a like a 1970s gang of street toughs. In the afternoon they’re drinking lattes and reading Sartre. At night, they’re chain-smoking and waiting in the back-alleys to pick your pocket. Their music has a rough, film-noir quality to it, with those dark spiraling guitar chords, and runaway rhythms played with a sinister sneer and a wink. It’s New Wave aesthetics running smack dab into Godard’s Lemmy Caution in the futuristic “Alphaville”. They’ve got substance to match their style. These are songs for all those things happening past midnight on the Seine. The music is psychedelic and psychological. Even their song titles have a mysterious air. They are short, sparse of detail and oddly cryptic: “Sur La Planche”, “Françoise”, “La Femme Ressort”, and “Télégraphe”. La Femme’s songs often fall into frenetic, sensual and eerie atmospherics. “Télégraphe” (see video below) begins with one of the band members clearing his throat, before a male voice hisses out lyrics across a Bauhaus-sounding industrial rhythm. The pace speeds up, and female vocals begin before an explosion of sounds wraps them all together in a cacophony of twitchy bass and rumbling drums. La Femme make beautiful music and are clearly a band to keep your eye on. Listen to and order their music here. The band will announce the official release of their four-song debut EP on Dec. 13 via 3rd Side Records. They are embarking on a U.S. West Coast tour through California in Riverside, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Costa Mesa. Note: Photo taken by Laurent Chouard. — David D. Robbins Jr.

La Femme “Sur La Planche”

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