A HOUSE OF DREAMS | Jeans Wilder

Review: David D. Robbins Jr.  |   Album: Jeans Wilder “Nice Trash”

NICE TRASH LP: Jeans Wilder is the enthralling project of Andrew Caddick, a former member of Fantastic Magic. He’s released an LP, “Nice Trash”, via Atelier Ciseaux and La Station Radar. I’ve been waiting awhile to hear this one, and it doesn’t disappoint. “Nice Trash” plays like a ghost in the room. It hovers about the hallways, inhabits space like consciousness. The single, “Blanket Mountain”, begins with a tribal drum loop, and the sound of softly shaken maracas, before a static buzz enters. Then an 80s-styled synth note builds in volume, ever so slightly, as Caddick sings in high falsetto with a heartbreaking clarity. It’s a track that envelops as it builds. I suspect that may be the reason for the song’s title. It’s a good example of what Jeans Wilder can do with his music. Not one wasted note. It’s all about creating delicate moods, and minor shifts of ambiance. But it’s not a gloomy record. Take “International Waters” for example. A playful  synthesizer-flute groove, reminiscent of those ‘Miami Vice’ tropical instrumentals, repeats a glowingly beautiful melody behind Caddick’s emotive crooning. It’s really difficult to pick a song that is the quintessential Jeans Wilder sound. They’re all so different, while keeping an unmistakable tone. “In My Dreams” is a golden light — a pleasant stroll into some world of Jeans Wilder’s invention. The looped melody is pretty as pretty can be. Caddick’s vocals beckon you away to a slumberland where all days are sunny, all dreams kaleidoscopically beautiful and all voices are as soothing as his. There are elements of do-wop and old-school 1950s balladry scattered across the record. I kid you not. It’s brilliant. A song like “Sparkler” feels both out of time and timely. It’s part Bobby Darin singing “Beyond the Sea”, with a modern twist. The vocals are reverbed, and ghostly. The songs imagery is decidedly old-world: “your eyes sparkle”, “tears on my pillow”, “beautiful dreams”, “you’re still here with me”. But don’t get too used to going back in time, because Jeans Wilder goes avant-garde with tracks like, “Let’s Share This Place” and the gorgeous “Be My Shade”, with it’s clicking, circular noises and warped sensibilities. I highly recommend purchasing this record. It’s inventive and shrouded. Whatever you think of “Blanket Mountain” below, that song only touches a small part of what this album is.

Jeans Wilder “Blanket Mountain”

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