RADIOHEAD | ‘Lotus Flower’ Video

Well, let the zillion-music blog debating begin. I’ve already read a handful of nonsense reviews proclaiming this track is terrible or self-indulgent, with Thom Yorke dancing spastically in front of a camera in black and white. Frankly, I love both the video and the music. This is more in the style of “Kid A” and “Amnesiac” than the rocking out of “The Bends” or “OK Computer” — which is fine by me. It’s got that Radiohead vibe I like — cryptic and yet melodic. Yorke sings a pleasant high-falsetto: “There is an empty space inside my heart where the weeds take root … / Slowly we unfurl, like lotus flowers. “ Honestly folks, if the record is more of this, I can’t wait. Listening to it now. A review to follow. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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One thought on “RADIOHEAD | ‘Lotus Flower’ Video

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