Argentinian trio, Las Kellies, have created a funky, post-punk, wildly fun record, “Kellies”, the follow-up to 2009’s “Kalimera”. It’s difficult to hear a track like “Bling Bling” with it’s Run-D.M.C. jingle, disjointed schizo-guitar jolts, and choral rapping and not think Cibo Matto — without the sensuality. Las Kellies is all forward movement. One of the best tracks, “Prince In Blue”, plays like a warning to any suitors who are just too good. These are bad girls who prefer bad guys: “You’ve been treating me just too well / Too much pressure, I’m going to hell.” The trio continue this same strain in their gal-pal shout-out, “Erase You”, about setting guys straight and warning them to be aware of being blotted out. This 14-track garage-record can come off like a put-on, and rough — but in truth it’s more tongue and cheek. The three ladies have a goof on everything from booze, like in the electrified romp “Scotch Whiskey”, to pasta in the instrumental “Cous Cous”. “Dance the Seance” is a punk-surf mix that finds the band singing out letters that spell, “I — L-O-V-E — Y-O-U”, like some female version of The Ramones. The second track on the record, “Keep the Horse”, is initially announced “To whom it may concern …” before the band weaves an improvised funky bass with scatter-shot guitar. Note: The new Las Kellies album is due out on June 6 via Fire Records. Their next tour dates are: May 27: Rennes, France at La Bascule; May 28: Rouen, France at Le 106; and May 31: Lyon, France at Sonic. — David D. Robbins Jr.
Las Kellies “Perro Rompebolas”

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