DUCKY | Killing Time/Your Ever After

San Francisco’s stellar Ducky has a new two-song record called, “Killing Time/Your Ever After”. It’s more electro-pop than the previous release, the brilliant four-song, “The Glamorous Gutter EP”. The former features a quirky, soulful a-side track, “Killing Time”, with singer Morgan Neiman doubling up her vocal tracks to cool harmonic effect. It’s a song presumably about wasting time until a lover comes home, all done-up with finger-snaps, blips, and the lyric: “You stay on my mind /And I am killing time / Tell me you need me, / I’ll read you the unabridged works of John Keats / If you’ll just come home again.” The b-side cut, “Your Ever After”, is an ultra-catchy dance-club romp about feeling free. Like “Killing Time”, the song builds on glitchy electronics and sensual lyrical delivery. It’s pretty damn hot. Ducky’s songs are generally short (under three minutes) and beautifully arranged. The songs’ brief, compact nature, matched with their explosive effects, makes them feel like short fireworks blasts that stream skyward, burst, and crackle. A song like “Two Birds Two” is a simple percussion-driven dance track with lyrics that read as prettily as a haiku: “Coo birds, for your time is running out / The cold seeps from our hands on high / Two thirds of the light comes flooding out / Hold it for the coming night.” But the song expands, then splinters into a ping-ponging of synth and colorful melody. It’s really gorgeous. One of the standout songs, “DUST”, is lyrically strange, and much more complex than your standard dance track. It finds solace in the contrast of beauty and death, “When the supermodels fell into the water / So did I / We were all together / We were looking for a different life / It was beautiful, watching pretty things collapse and die / It was beautiful, watching hell and earth collide.” You can stream all of Ducky’s music and purchase it at bandcamp. It would not surprise me to see Ducky getting more attention. This is one of my favorite finds of the year. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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