GABRIEL BRUCE | Sleep Paralysis (Video)

Call me a sucker for conceptual music. Gabriel Bruce, former vocalist for Loverman, has a debut 7-inch single called “Sleep Paralysis”. When it’s released on December 5th it will incorporate the concept behind the song’s title, with an illustrated book, featuring a scattering of design elements, including skewed typography, poetic fragments from famed French writer Paul Éluard and spliced sections of medical texts — all arranged in Dada-esque cut up.  The deep sound of Bruce’s low-moan, razor-sharp vocals will conjure up comparisons to Leonard Cohen, Daniel Ash, Nick Cave or Mark Lanegan. Apparently, there will only be 300 copies of “Sleep Paralysis” available, with 100 for sale via Off Modern’s website. You can also listen to the b-side, “No Love Lost”, which really sounds a lot like Cohen here. Watch the video for “Sleep Paralysis” below. Notice how the title screen opens with text like it’s a silent picture. Then Bruce rolls out those hollow organ notes and lyrics about the fragments of a dream: “You wouldn’t believe the things that I have seen / I wouldn’t expect you to, you’ve never been asleep / I got this feeling I were dead / And there’s nothing more / Across the sea, there was perfect symmetry / There’s an island just like this / A person just like me / You couldn’t conceive, the possibilities.” Here’s to hoping Bruce uses Éluard’s “You Rise the Water Unfolds” with verses that seem apropos to the sound of the music: “You make bubbles of silence in the desert of sound / You sing nocturnal hymns on the arcs of the rainbow …”  — David D. Robbins Jr.

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