TREE | People (f. Shelf Nunny/Lena Kuhn)

Oliver Tree Nickell (aka Tree) sent me a message about his cool new track called “People”, a sweet electronic genre-bender with lead female vocals. One voice slightly trails the other to give the lyrics a unique sluggish sense of time, like a 12-inch going too slow on a record player. It gives the vocals a honey-drip effect, elegant and yet off-kilter: “How do you act with people / Open closed doors / Friends like strangers / Stranger than living among a graveyard / Among the rotting bits of flesh / Wondering when I’ll be next / It’s not a question, it’s just time / It goes deeper down the …” It’s a fantastic song about random thoughts of mortality and time. But the doomed atmosphere of the lyricism is lifed by light, soft guitar phrasing, cleverly warped synth, kit drum brushes, a beautiful chorus, and a range of electronic bleeps and keyboard — all with a real sense of musical unity. It feels like like a soul-infused version of an Odd Nosdam track. I write that with all respect, because Dave J. Madson is a master of mixed forms and has shown his inventive style over at Anticon for awhile now. Tree has created a gem with “People”, a melodic piece of expression. Can’t wait to hear more of his music. Tree is a Cali kid via Santa Cruz and has a number of other tracks you can listen to at his soundcloud page. (I recommend listening to his song “Artemecia” too.) Follow Tree at facebook. Note: Photo comes from artist’s facebook page. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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