DEAN & BRITTA | I’ll Keep It With Mine (Dylan)

I’ve really liked Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips ever since I first heard their 2003 release “L’Avventura”, and more specifically the psychedelic wanderlust of the song “Knives From Bavaria”: “I dreamed you were riding a train to Astoria / I dreamed that you swallowed a pill called Euphoria / Lips are for lying, your eyes are to kill / Spoons come from Denmark, the knives from Bavaria.” Now the duo have sold out their two-CD limited edition “13 Most Beautiful: Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests” — a record made to accompany the famed artist’s films. In response to fans, Dean & Britta are releasing a revised single CD version via their Double Feature label. This new release features two remixes by Scott Hardkiss, including “I’ll Keep It With Mine”, a song that was written by Bob Dylan and never officially released, but was once recorded by Nico. You can hear a Dylan version of the song from a rehearsal take that was included on “The Bootleg Series: Volume II”. Dean & Britta play this song a bit like you’d imagine The Velvet Underground would, with what sounds like the dull hum of a harmonium, accordion or feedback buzzing behind Britta’s lush voice. They keep a hint of the ambling country song that it is, but give it just the right touch of modernity. — David D. Robbins Jr
Dean & Britta “I’ll Keep It With Mine” (Scott Hardkiss Electric Remix)

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