NITE JEWEL | One Second of Love

Nite Jewel (aka Ramona Gonzalez) posted a new song on her soundcloud page, the title track to her upcoming LP “One Second of Love”. It begins with a nasty warped beat (think Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel”), combining 80s sensibility, pop, and 70s disco. It’s severely different from her earlier, softer releases, but feels like the natural transition from the retro electro-soul sounds of “Am I Real?”, and “She’s Always Watching You”. The sugary melodies and vocal overlaps fall away on “One Second of Love”, and in their place is a harder more immediate dance rhythm, repetition, staccato drum kit, and spacey synthesizer. There’s one segment of the track where the pretty vocal parts disintegrate into the fundamental rhythm and counterpoint, with a distinct synth note hovering in the background like a muffled chorus, before coming back to her voice again. It’s beautiful. There’s a moment in the lyrics too, talking about love, that seem to encapsulate the track’s mixing of disparate elements: “They talk all the time about our love / At times it’s smooth and at times it’s rough / You’ll advise me how to play when I’m with you / My favorite letter, u.”  The record is scheduled for release March 6, 2012 via Secretly Canadian. The track list is as follows: 1. This Story; 2. One Second of Love; 3. She’s Always Watching You; 4. Mind & Eyes; 5. In the Dark; 6. Memory, Man; 7. Unearthly Delights; 8. No I Don’t; 9. Autograph; 10. Clive. Read archived Their Bated Breath posts about Nite Jewel here. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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