JULIA HOLTER | Marienbad

Julia Holter’s new track, “Marienbad”, follows behind her most recent LP release “Tragedy” (2011). It’s a song which will be featured on her upcoming LP, “Ekstasis”, due out on March 8, 2012 via RVNG Intl. It may or may not have something to do with the famed film “Last Year at Marienbad”, my only reference to song’s name. I really don’t know. But there is a sense of the baroque, much like the film, and a repetition of phrases. But the connection stops there. “Marienbad” is a mix of styles beyond the baroque. It’s also classical, avant garde, pop influenced, and at times reaches a solemnity akin to a church service. I’ve been writing about Holter for awhile now, and never grow tired of trying to explain her music as best I can. Every time I hear her, it calls to mind the phrase, “the sky’s the limit”. The song’s rhythm and pace change at a whim, waltzing along at a slow gait before pulsating into a building frenzy of overlapping vocal tracks, thumping drums, loops, and strings — ultimately wrenching out a darkness in the song before the clank of metal signals the softening return to her purely melodic clarion call. “Marienbad” is beautiful, frightening, cold, glittering, strange and alluring. It’s otherworldly, and you won’t hear many other artists make music like this. Holter’s creativity is astounding. Read an archived Their Bated Breath post about Holter here. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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