FORMER BABIES | The Blackout Album

Former Babies don’t claim to be virtuosos of music. But that’s one of this duo’s most endearing qualities on this seven-song record, “The Blackout Album”, released on bandcamp via Bleeding Gold Records. Their lo-fi music is simple and catchy, with harmonized vocals, acoustic guitar and tambourine in the background. The lyrics run from a song about being turned into a werewolf, to a track about looking for a cowboy, to a song about a down-and-outer hitting the bar in a dog-town. Former Babies is certainly raw and garage. The band is Moll Ball (aka Mollie “boom tap” Reep) and Shawna England. The label website says, “Shawna whams the guitar and belts out screeching melodies, while Mollie hits the drums with sticks at a level just below barely audible.” — David D. Robbins Jr.

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2 thoughts on “FORMER BABIES | The Blackout Album

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