SEAN HAYES | Fall On My Knees

A Their Bated Breath favorite, San Francisco’s king of folk music Sean Hayes, has a track called “Fall On My Knees” that you can download for free exclusively at his website for the cost of signing up for a newsletter. Everyone should be familiar with Hayes, one of the premier singer-songwriters in the United States. His music can be romantic, charming, and always exquisitely poetic. Each of his songs seems to exist in its own little, unique world. He’s one of those musicians one can say sings so true and honest it feels as if he has become your good friend. This banjo-strummed beauty, “Fall On My Knees”, showcases just a shade of his simple and tender lyrical skill: “Fall on my knees / And pray that you please, come down and stand by me pretty girl / Come down and stand by me / Is there more than one / More than two / Is there any other woman like you?” Hayes also has a record out, a collection called “Outtakes and Alternatives”, which features songs from “Big Black Hole & Little Baby Star” (2008) and “Flowering Spade” (2008), along with a couple of never-heard-before home recordings, and an different version of “When We Fall In”, from off “Run Wolves Run” (2010) sung with The Be Good Tanyas’ Frazey Ford. Click here to read Their Bated Breath archived posts about Hayes. Follow him at facebook and twitter. Note: Photo by Nate Edwards taken from artist’s facebook page.  — David D. Robbins Jr.
Sean Hayes “Fall On My Knees”

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One thought on “SEAN HAYES | Fall On My Knees

  1. 1:11 is significant to me, and has been for years, but more so is Sean Hayes. Sean brings enlightenment of the feelings that course thru me and he has helped me to reconnect after losing my husband of 17 years. I thought that I would be without emotion for longer, Sean has helped me remember feelings important to my recovery after having helped my Dwight thru a year of terminal illness. My gratitude is beyond quantification. Sean, XO

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