CHEYENNE MARIE MIZE | It Lingers (Video)

Cheyenne Marie Mize’s latest EP “We Don’t Need” is a different sound for her — which is to say she’s shed her solitary singing, lonely piano, banjo, and lush vocal harmonies, and in turn she’s picked up a couple of bandmates and a decidedly rougher edge. It’s always good to hear musicians take chances and expand their range, not that she needed it. Anyone who’s heard her older tracks, “Over the Moon” (2010), and the stunningly beautiful narcotic slumber of “Lull” (one of the most subtle and breathtaking songs I’ve heard since beginning this blog) know that she’s fine singing any style she wishes. I wrote up a quick review of her record months ago, after being given an early listen to it courtesy of her PR group. But the record is being re-released now that she’s a part of the Yep Roc label. It’s worth purchasing. And before you do, be sure to listen to her new sound, in the video for “It Lingers” below — posted by LaundroMatinee, those curators of very nice live video recordings of songs. The song is country-blues slow-smoked. It rattles like bones, and drifts prettily through electric guitar, and the haunting recollection of love: “It lingers above my bed / And it falls at my feet on the floor / It replaces the things I feel / With those things I felt before.” It contains one of my favorite Cheyenne lines, “Your face is all places I go … / Oh, let it go …” As far as the video goes, I love that blue tone LaundroMatinee get. It’s fitting. The website also posted a second video, for the song “Wishing Well”. Follow Cheyenne at facebook, tumblr, and twitter. Read more Their Bated Breath archived posts about the artist here. Note: All lyrics are unofficial. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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