WISE BLOOD | Loud Mouths (Video)

Okay, so this video for Wise Blood’s “Loud Mouths” was up on Tuesday and then it wasn’t. Now it’s premiering at Spin.com. Truth is, it was already posted by NME.com and The 405 before it was taken down by the former and the vimeo vid went blank for the latter. That’s usually a sign the video creators or the label goofed, and posted the video too early before giving some lucky website a “premiere” tag. God, I can’t stand premiere labels. So, you had the video up first. Who gives a shit, right? Everyone is going to post it in a day or two anyway. Well, you can watch the <cough> premiere at Spin.com or you could just look to the right and play this vid out of my vodpod player — or at a bunch of other blogs.

Nothing against the artist, the label or the magazine — because tons of bands, PR firms, and sites do premieres. This isn’t the first, and it won’t be the last. It’s just that I wanted to get it off my chest that I don’t like it. For the publications it’s like territorial pissing. For the artists or labels, it’s like handing out rewards or backstage passes. In the end, the Spin “premiere” tag was worth a whopping paragraph from its writer and enough attention to detail as to get the name of the EP wrong (That’s “These Wings” my friend, not “The Wings”), and no sentence about having watched the video itself. So much for big-time music journalism. But I digress.

On a positive note, I have serious respect for this track since I first heard it in December of 2010. The song arrangement is stellar. The twisted distortion of Reginald Heber’s classic Christian hymnal “Holy, Holy, Holy” is a masterstroke. It’s taking a well-known church piece and putting a nasty dose of negation down on it in the form of some kind of warped effect, like back-masking in the old days. (I suspect it’s the song played at a slow speed.) The song struts like the devil on earth (or out at the club raising hell). The “Loud Mouths” video is directed by the creative Young Replicant duo of Alex Takacs and Joe Nankin, who also created visuals for Baths’ “Lovely Bloodflow”, M83’s “We Own the Sky”, and Hooray For Earth’s “True Loves”. The video is one of the best this year. It finds our man, Chris Laufman (aka Wise Blood), in media res — in the backseat of a police car that’s veered off the road and is flipping in midair.

Watch the rest of the video to see exactly how he got there. There’s also a lot of beautiful eye candy, from a butterfly pin that actually seems real, to a man with gold teeth and a dead woman lying on a bed with flowers on her eyes. It’s a must watch. Follow Wise Blood at facebook and bandcamp. Note: I feel I should write a postscript here. This isn’t a case of sour grapes. I will never premiere a video or song at this blog, and that’s fine with me. Wise Blood’s label sent me this EP in advance and I’m grateful for that. This isn’t about that or this video or song, which are both tremendous. It’s just to say, premieres are kinda silly in the day and age of the internet. Let’s just forgo the games and spread great music out across the web like wildfire. — David D. Robbins Jr.  

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