Cymbals Eat Guitars | Definite Darkness (Video)

One of the marvelous things about Cymbals Eat Guitars’ ambitious 2011 record “Lenses Alien” is how lead singer Joseph D’Agostino can pour out all his verbose lyricism and still keep the songs so damn melodic. The band’s wild and soaring musical structures are the concrete foundation, and his voice and words spill onto its pavement, filling in every crack. Seriously. Who else could sing a verse with words and phrases like “undulating mirror images of incandescent spires”, “parabolas”, “hypodermic needles” and “leviathans”, and have it all unfold beautifully as some sort of William S. Burroughs put to poetry. It all makes for a band that really doesn’t sound like anyone else. Now they have a new video out for their explosive track, “Definite Darkness”, courtesy of videographer Jamie Harley. I was lucky enough (okay, not lucky — since I went only to hear them) to catch this band live at a festival during the release of their debut record, 2009’s “Why There Are Mountains” — and I can say you’ll be hard-pressed to find another band that puts so much energy into their show. You can hear them on March 22 at The Mill in Iowa City Iowa; March 23 at the 400 Bar in Minneapolis, Minn.; March 24 at High Noon in Madison, Wisc.; and March 25 at Lincoln Hall in Chicago, Ill. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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