Computer Magic | Orion

Between stints at SXSW and live shows in San Francisco, Miami and Toronto, Computer Magic was putting out some new tunes. Listen to the five-song EP, “Orion”, at her official website or at her soundcloud page. It’s out via Kitsuné. There’s that patented sort of disco-groove flavor in the music, that her fans have come to love. But the record is also a bit of a shift for Computer Magic (aka Danz), with wildly energetic songs like “Help Me”, “Trinity”, and “Moving Forward” bouncing every which way with layered synth, repeated vocals, and funky bass rhythms. Be sure to follow Computer Magic on facebook. Note added April 4th: You can also watch a new video for “Trinity” here— David D. Robbins Jr.   

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3 thoughts on “Computer Magic | Orion

  1. Thanks!! I LOVE Computer Magic! I have the Electronic Fences EP on vinyl and it sounds magnificent. I hope Orion is available on vinyl as well, and I hope Danz releases a full-length LP someday soon!!!

    • Yeah, I love vinyl. From what I understand Dan, the record is only digital — with a possibility of it becoming vinyl eventually. Thanks for taking the time to write a comment. Best wishes! — david.

      • Thanks, David. I’ve been over to the official site since posting the comment, and that is exactly what I’ve learned.

        One cool thing about the Electronic Fences EP is that it came with a free LOSSLESS digital download (.WAV).

        Anyway, the news of new CM has made my day, so thx again! Btw, really appreciate this blog altogether.

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