Jeane | Frame Within A Frame (Video)

New York’s Jeane is premiering a live video for their song “Frame Within a Frame” off a forthcoming EP. One of the cool things about the video is that New York in the 70s loft aesthetic. Its low-fi production makes an intimate song even more intimate. The last time I wrote about Jeane was about their darkly beautiful EP, “Hidden House”, which was one of the best EPs of the 2011. (Which I sadly neglected to put into my year-end list.) I couldn’t wait to write about this track. It seems so simply done, and you can see that for yourself in the video. But it’s more intricate than it looks. There’s a low harmonic hum, solitary vocals, two soft guitar accents, and lushly poetic lyricism, “Don’t leave me here / In this life we’re given nothin’ / That should be perfectly clear / All is shadow, broken hearts / Won’t you forget me / The wisdom that I preach is way beyond … / Gonna burn all the old, exhausted stories …” Yes, this is serious stuff. Soulful. Intelligent. Maybe some critics and music listeners don’t like it when a band takes itself and its work seriously. You get the common complaints about bands being too “self-serious”. But this is music for low lights and romantics. For people who feel. It’s a song for grown-ups. “Frame Within A Frame” is a slow-simmering take on life’s fleeting moments, including love. And the song is utterly gorgeous. Note: All lyrics are unofficial. Be sure to follow the band on facebook or stream their songs at bandcamp. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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