The KVB | Always Then

The KVB has a record out, “Always Then”, that everyone should be listening to. It’s strong all around, which is a rare thing nowadays. On The KVB facebook page it says the record is close to running out already if you want it on white vinyl, however, you can stream the entire thing at bandcamp or by it on black vinyl. You can hear a good number of influences in “Always Then”, through it’s muffled vocal recording and heavy static guitar screeches. There are pretty, lonely-sounding melodies delivered in swirl of bedroom aesthetics and garage dark wave. It’s music for fans of everything from Bauhaus to Echo & The Bunnymen. It’s one of my favorite listens this year. The record was released via limited edition (500 copies) 12-inch LP from Clan Destine Records. The cover photo was taken and designed by the talented Ela Orleans, a sweet musician in her own right. –– David D. Robbins Jr.

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