Kyle Bobby Dunn | An Evening w/ Dusty (Video)

I’ve always wanted to write a review of a Kyle Bobby Dunn record, but to be frank, there are some artist’s styles that take a better wordsmith than me. It’s a bit intimidating. His arrangements are complex, emotive, cinematic, and sprawling. Sometimes, for the casual listener, the slight changes in droning effects can be as difficult to see/hear as it would be to determine the differences between the types and sizes of incoming ocean waves. Dunn’s patient ambient music is tough to encapsulate for a writer, in part because it can demand so much, which is why it often sends reviewers off into the stratosphere, waxing about their feelings and what they see through his songs. But that’s also a good thing, and part of the experience of listening to songs like “An Evening With Dusty” (with its beautiful new video on vimeo), track number five off his upcoming two-hour long double-disc release, “Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn” — a playful title riffing off the well-known Sam Peckinpah-directed film, “Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia” (1974). “An Evening With Dusty” begins with a few seconds of silence, building into a low oscillating drone that fills the head with its soft vibrating variations. It’s a reminder than vibrations, in a sense, have a cocooning effect, that can be both warm and inviting — and yet isolated and lonely. I can understand that this music isn’t for everyone, the same way that John Cage or Marcel Duchamp isn’t for everyone too. But the definition of music isn’t meant to be pigeon-holed. That’s the beauty of the art form. And Bobby Dunn’s music often feels like it comes from another, futuristic world where sound takes on new shape through his beguilingly unique language. As silly as it may seem, while listening to the available streaming tracks off “Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn”, for a second I imagined a world where people opened their mouths to communicate and out poured the sounds of “La Chanson de Beurrage.” You can follow Dunn at soundcloud and facebook. Note: The video below was directed by Joey Bania. Pre-order the album here. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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