Little Silver | Salvador Sanchez (Sun Kil Moon Cover)

Husband and wife duo Little Silver (Erika Simonian and Steve Curtis, of Hem) have an EP out now, aptly-titled “Dress Up”, which you can stream at bandcamp. You know how dressing up is essentially putting on someone else’s clothes and pretending? Well, this record is a set of six cover tunes, from The Cure’s “Pictures of You” to Hem’s “Dance With Me Now, My Darling” to Sun Kil Moon’s “Salvador Sanchez”, from off their 2003 release “Ghosts of the Great Highway”. I’m a sucker for a good cover, and the latter-mentioned track is a beauty. I know that Little Silver is primarily acoustic and downtempo, but it still came as a shock to hear “Salvador Sanchez” so stripped down. Obviously, the blasting and wanderingly beautiful electric guitar solos are gone, but somehow Little Silver still make it work in their own way. Believe me, there’s nothing quaint about Little Silver’s renditions. They’re intricate, detailed, and unique. Catch them on tour on June 2 at Ghost Mansion in San Francisco, Calif., June 5 at The Press Club in Portland, Ore., June 6 at Sunset Tavern in Seattle, Wash., June 8 at Doe Bay in Olga, Orcas Island and on June 10 at The Amadeus Project in Bellingham, Wash. Note: This record of covers follows the band’s 2011 EP, “The Stolen Souvenir”. — David D. Robbins Jr.  
Little Silver “Salvador Sanchez” (Sun Kil Moon cover)

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