Bijou Winters | She Fell From the Sky.

Calgary’s Bijou Winters has an apropos last name, her esoteric songs creep forward like deceptive, but mighty glaciers. Her voice is soft and cool as Hope Sandoval’s — echoed, distant, and personal. Winters’ music is one of my favorite listens of the year. Take a track like “She Fell From the Sky”, which plays delicately and expertly with intermittent white noise, scrapes, and what sounds like distorted guitar strumming, and warped atmospherics — setting a lush, sad, and sensual tone. As cliche as the phrase has become, sometimes less is more. Winters’ music proves the aphorism. She whispers her vocals, sliding them across her instrumentation like a lone skater across an ice park at midnight: “I’ve been drowning from the start / Oh, oh …” It’s absolutely sublime. “She Fell From the Sky” is just one of a number of songs available to stream on her soundcloud page, and one of two tracks listed as part of an upcoming album to be released via Fluorescent Records. There’s a little bit of sameness to some of the songs — but there’s just enough subtle distinction to be fascinating in all their slight variations. Be sure to follow Winters at facebook, twitter and tumblr. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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5 thoughts on “Bijou Winters | She Fell From the Sky.

    • Hey Dan. Her official name has changed to “Bijou”. So, I assume she’s probably gone back and deleted some old accounts. Also, I think she’s taking her portrait/face off of things. Lately, some artists like having a sort of anonymity. For some, it’s added “mystery” and buzz, and for others it’s truly a way to set the attention solely on the music. I can’t speak for why she doing it — but she’s definitely fine-tuning how she wants her imagine and music represented.

      • Hey, I guess driven by a scarcity mentality, I’ve just gone and downloaded every image of her I could find off the net (which wasn’t many). What a lovely face! Too bad it seems we won’t be seeing it anymore…

        I really like her work. Since I’m not one for listening to lots of single-track releases & collaborations from around the web (with exceptions), I’m really hoping for a full length effort from Bijou eventually, preferably on vinyl!!!

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