Grimes | Genesis (Video)

This new video for Grimes’ “Genesis” is visually entertaining, despite some of the Gaga-esque theatricality of it all. It begins on a dirt-road stretch, with Claire Boucher, dancing in front of a car, like it’s going to be the remaking of a mix between Sleigh Bells’ video “Rill Rill” and St. Vincent’s “Marrow”. But that’s where the similarity stops — and the video goes beach-side, and sets up scenes that look like an all-female “Mad Max”. Let it be said that whatever you may think of Grimes, she puts a lot of heart into her songs, and it shows — especially if you happened to see her live on Jools Holland. And frankly, she’s been making some pretty good music leading up to this new video, including tracks like “Vanessa” and “Oblivion” — the latter off her most recent release, “Visions”, out now via Arbutus. Note: Image is a video screen capture. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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One thought on “Grimes | Genesis (Video)

  1. I love Grimes–as a recording artist, as a live artist, and as a presence altogether in our culture. It’s unfortunate that so many people love to put her down.

    A while back I checked her site to see if her tour had yet included DC, to find that it didn’t, then checked a few days later to find that the schedule now included my favorite DC venue (the new U Street Music Hall) in my favorite time slot (Saturday 6 or 7 pm)–and the show was already sold out. 😦

    The video for Nightmusic is gorgeous (for all I know I may well have originally learned of it here, in which case the following link is redundant): , and there’s a worthy recent interview with her here (apparently she really likes to say “recontextualize”): .

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