9Mary | If You Can’t Love This All Goes Away

London singer-songwriter Flo Morrissey (aka 9Mary) released a new video today for the pretty and elegiac piano ballad, “If You Can’t Love This All Goes Away”. The wonderfully conceptual video (created by her sister, Millie Morrissey) finds her swimming underwater like a beautiful sea nymph, juxtaposed with all-blue shaded clips of the singer running through a garden in summer dress. The piano notes themselves send the song into immediate nostalgia, before she opens with these heartbreaking verses: “Oh, now that you’re no longer mine / Baby, the thought makes me cry / Then I think of reasons why, I find myself wiping these tears dry / Tears dry / Well, if you can’t love this all goes away.” It’s no secret that the currently unsigned Morrissey’s greatest gift is her singing voice — which is richly operatic, like a female version of Jeff Buckley. Her ability to alter pitch and range gives “If You Can’t Love This All Goes Away” an epic feel. But her emotive qualities are just as important as her voice. Honesty of voice is what makes her songs so affecting, whether it’s an original like “Blow Out”, or one of her many stunning covers, like her version of Sean Lennon’s “Dead Meat”. You can’t help but listen to “If You Can’t Love This All Goes Away” and feel that it comes from a real place, whether it truly does or not. The arrangement is majestic. Just listen to the deep, low, rumbling piano chords playing underneath the fluttery overlapping vocals at the 2:06 mark. The two voices enhance the ghostly effect of being shadowed — one voice always near the other. But as the track nears its end, Morrissey breaks away into something close to A cappella, as the piano notes fade and leave us with only the memory of a last reverberation. It’s a marvelous track, by a truly gifted singer. You can follow 9Mary at facebook, or on twitter. Note: Image is a screen capture from the video. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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