Woodpecker Wooliams | Sparrow (Video)

“Sparrow” is a new song from Brighton’s Woodpecker Wooliams’ (aka Gemma Williams) upcoming new 7-song album “The Bird School Of Being Human”, out digitally September 9th via Robot Elephant Records. It’s a beautiful and odd track, with an influence the label press release states comes from places as disparate as Dolly Parton’s “Little Sparrow” and Chairman Mao. If you read the details provided under the video on YouTube you’ll get this verbose description of the record and “Sparrow” in particular: “Whilst the album journeys through an exploration of passivity and violence, responsibility and blame, gender roles, personal and familial histories, it is within this song that the themes of female hysteria and male aggression are most brutally dissected.” Okay, so Woodpecker Williams’ label is a tad heady about describing their artist — but they do have something special. I’ll let the music speak for itself. “Sparrow” is a marvelous track, with Williams’ unhinged vocals, and all the computerized bleeps, circular synths, the marching percussion, and the off-the-wall lyrics: “You’re so goddamned pretty / You’re goddamned sweet / You’re so goddamned saccharine … / Everything’s so tidy / You’re so easy to scare / You’re nothing but a little girl in your mama’s underwear.” I’m sure anticipating the new record. Click here to read an archived Their Bated Breath post about Woodpecker Wooliams. Note: Video directed by Sam Williams. Follow Woodpecker Wooliams at bandcamp, where you can listen to her previous record, “Patryoska” (2011), because it will give you an idea of just how good she is and how you’ll want to pre-order the new album. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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