Lianne La Havas | Forget (Video)

“Waste all your time writing love songs, but you don’t love me.” That’s the opening lyric to the much-hyped (after a 2011 well-received stint on Jools Holland) singer Lianne La Havas’ track, “Forget” (which has a new video), from off her debut album, “Is Your Love Big Enough?” I haven’t heard anything else off the record, but this song is pretty damn good — sorta fitting into that Imani Coppola, Noisettes, and Martina Topley Bird -hybrid of soul-pop and eclecticism. She’s obviously got the chops and certainly the confidence of someone much more experienced. You can hear that in this single, with plenty of attitude, evidenced by the beautiful kiss-off line: “So please don’t try to serenade me / I’m a one man band / Say goodbye … / So pack away every verse and every rhyme.” On her facebook page she described her sound by playfully distancing herself from Corinne Bailey Rae and Andreya Triana, stating she’s “nothing like (them), but we all have similar hair”. That may be tongue-in-cheek, but could also signal that La Havas doesn’t view her music as leaning toward the pop side of things. It could also simply be a way to avoid the easy comparison between singers with similar physical characteristics. UK Guardian writer Michael Cragg makes an interesting observation about the video itself, and how La Havas walks down a street pausing at advertisements for her own record, and a faux-poster for a sold-out show. Maybe some purest might find this egregious as product placement. But Cragg is also correct to recognize that this isn’t so bad, it’s just trying to push a record. I found that part of the video to be quite clever (as if to say “don’t forget” — so much so, you may need to write it on your hand), again pointing to the brazen confidence of the singer, whether it’s true or not. It’s not much different than Erykah Badu’s self-referencing lyrics in the track, “Tyrone”: “‘Cuz Miss Badu’s coming for real, you know the deal …”  — David D. Robbins Jr.

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