Dum Dum Girls | Lord Knows (Video)

Back in July I posted about a new track, “Lord Knows”, from one of my favorite bands, Dum Dum Girls. It’s a single off their EP “End of Daze”, out now via Sub Pop. It’s a gauzy-thick song about hurt that reminds me a little of some of the slower, burning Velvet Underground tracks, that seem to expand as it’s being played. It’s that light, tinny guitar in the background that sounds the most like the Velvets. The most wonderful songs are those that aren’t trying to be anything. And this one has an easy grace about it. What I’ve always loved about the Dum Dum Girls, and specifically lead singer Dee Dee (one of my musical obsessions) is that each of the tracks they create, like “Coming Down”, my favorite track off their sophomore record “Only In Dreams”, feels so damn honest, unrestrained, and steeped in raw emotion. And somehow their lyrics balance perfectly between being universal and mysterious. “Lord Knows” is about love and hurt: “I want to live a pure life / And I’d say that it’s about time / Don’t judge me for the things I’ve done … / To be so blind I could not see / The savior right in front of me / Sanctuary in his kiss / Instead confined to end like this.” The video was directed by Christin Turner. Note: Lyrics are unofficial. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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2 thoughts on “Dum Dum Girls | Lord Knows (Video)

  1. Yup, it’s a really fine track. Don’t know what’s up with the video, Kenneth Anger references seem to be hip at the moment! Speaking of references, and that Velvets-like tinny guitar, did you catch the very direct guitar quote from “Crimson and Clover”? Anyway, cool stuff. Do you think Dee Dee was influenced by Chrissy Hynde? The material overall musical effect is different, but there are aspects of her vocal delivery through which Dee Dee echoes Chriss to these ears.

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