Laura Welsh | Hollow Drum

You can get a free download of Laura Welsh’s downtempo R&B track, “Hollow Drum”, at her tumblr site now. It’s a gorgeous, deceptively simple song, based primarily around her pretty vocals, layered backing vocals, and a soft but resonate bass percussion. Sometimes, it’s songs like this one that seem to slip through the indie-website cracks, mostly because it’s so melodic, too pretty, and maybe gets tossed aside as another incarnation of Adele. In truth, there’s nothing wrong with having form to your music, understandable lyrics, and a sound that could very easily get radio play. It doesn’t make a song any less artistic: “You know I see you in another light / Where did the days go when it all felt right? / All I know is there was fire in the room / It got cold too soon.” The vocals are breathy and honest, which is just what’s needed for a song about remembering love. — David D. Robbins Jr.  

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