Guilty Ghosts | Trespasser EP

Guilty Ghosts (aka Brooklyn’s Tristan O’Donnell) is back with a new release, “Trespasser EP”, the even darker follow-up to the beautifully crafted “Veils”. You can purchase a copy at the Guilty Ghosts bandcamp page. The new EP features seven instrumental drone tracks, two of which work as interludes. It’s a pleasure that’s over as soon as it begins, running roughly at 19 total minutes. But it’s just enough to be able to savor the delicacy of the way Guilty Ghosts sculpts his music. My favorite track on the record is “Rendezvous”, perhaps the most upbeat song on the album, if you can call it that. It’s a thumping, intermittent bass beat accented with ambient guitar music, and rising synth. But the real beauty of the song comes at the halfway turn, with the introduction of thunderous, echoing percussion and high hats. That minor break is an inventive segue back into the original rhythm and beat. It’s a luxurious song, that remarkably walks the thin line between being both sexy and ominous. You can follow Guilty Ghosts at facebook and at soundcloud. Note: The new EP can also be purchased on CDR as well as digitally. It comes enclosed in a custom-die numbered cut sleeve, but is limited to a pressing of 100. Also, be sure to listen to Guilty Ghosts’ 2010 record, “Enigma Variations”. Click here to read an archived TBB post about Guilty Ghosts. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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