Ela Orleans | She Who Could BIND You

I’m continually amazed by the standard of music created by Ela Orleans. I really can’t think of a song she’s written that I don’t thoroughly enjoy. Now she and Clan Destine Records are releasing a split tape with fellow artist Curt Crackrach called “80 Minutes of Funk”, where both artists produce 40 minutes of music each. Orleans’ half of the record is officially described as re-imagined radio and television work she did. The title of the cassette itself is a bit of fun. What I’ve heard isn’t funk at all in the traditional sense. Maybe it just exists as funk in the expansive world of Orleans and Curt Crackrach. You can stream an Orleans track, “She Who Could BIND You”, below. It’s roughly three minutes of gorgeous soundscape, with hushed vocals floating over the top of moody atmospherics (think Sam Prekop meeting the low-light tunes of Lower Dens): “All these thoughts … / In the closet of her mind …” The song begins with light jazz-brush drums, a low hum that sounds like a combo of strings and feedback, and meandering, trippy vocal melodies. It’s strange that Orleans’ music isn’t talked about more than it is — beyond minor blogs like this one. You won’t find this musical master on the pages of Pitchfork (excepting the now-defunct Altered Zones), Stereogum, Rolling Stone, or Gorilla vs. Bear — and other standard bearers for under-the-radar music. And that’s a shame. But we try our best here to post about the most intriguing music out there, and Orleans’ is certainly making it. “She Who Could BIND You” is one of the year’s best. Note: All lyrics are unofficial. Photo from artist’s facebook page. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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