Ghost Twin | Here We Are In the Night (Video)

Ghost Twin duo Karen Asmundson and filmmaker Jaimz Asmundson posted a video for their song “Here We Are In the Night”, which was labeled as “rough demo”. It’s seems anything but rough to me. Sure, maybe a sweet Sennheiser and a number of other gadgetry could get the track exactly where the duo want it, but I’ve always believed that it’s the human imperfections that make music what it is. And this track really doesn’t need anything else. It’s good enough as it is. The song begins with an undulating frequency and what sounds like rain falling. That morphs into a heavy-bass beat and club keyboards, before the vocal harmonies and electrified synth kick in. “Here We Are In the Night” has a real rhythm to it — seductive and dark. Give it a listen. The video is a montage of quick flash of obtuse imagery, like the white noise of a television, symbols, and a guy moving backwards in a kind of warped tunnel, that all adds to the ominous nature of the song. Be sure to follow the band at facebook. Note: Image is a screen capture from the video. — David D. Robbins Jr. 

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