City Calm Down | Pleasure & Consequence (Video)

I posted about City Calm Down’s newest track, “Pleasure and Consequence”, and their retro-sounding lead singer Jack Bourke, earlier this month. Now there’s a new video for the song, courtesy of NOT -A- SHOP and cameraman Tim O’Keefe. The song comes from off an upcoming release called “Movements”, due out November 2. I’ve written in length and often about the unique sound of this Melbourne band, which is strongly rooted in 80s new wave. Even the video has that old-school quality, where images of the band are superimposed, transitioning over the top of other images. I’ve had my eye on City Calm Down for more than a couple of years now, because it’s so easy to listen to the music and hear the talent pouring out. And they’re doing something that’s much more difficult than it sounds — staying true to a sound that is decidedly their own, and yet you can hear so many influences in it, especially in this newest song. There’s U2’s backing vocals, New Order’s sense of rhythm, and Bourke’s time-traveling vocal sound like we’re going back to Echo and The Bunnymen. But that’s enough from me, just listen, watch, and enjoy. Upcoming shows: Upcoming Shows: November 3 at Liberty Social Club in Melbourne; Nov. 8 at GoodGod in Sydney; December 29 at Corner Hotel in Melbourne; and January 3 at Oh Hello in Brisbane. You can pre-order the new record, signed by the band. Follow City Calm Down at its official website. Images above are screen captures from the video. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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