Poliça | PitchforkTV Documentary

PitchforkTV.com posted a new documentary in it’s series that looks at a variety of bands. This time around it focuses on Minnesota’s Poliça, and it’s stunning lead singer, Channy Leaneagh. This 9-minute documentary finds the band talking about what it’s like to become progressively more well known, how Channy creates music while raising her daughter, and the style of life a band must adapt to in order to tour across the country and in Europe. I first heard the band’s record, “Give You the Ghost”, some time earlier this year. But the first song I heard was “I See My Mother” (a song I think I may have played on my personal i-pod more times than any other track this year), which came on the radio as I was driving to my apartment one late, quiet night. It seemed apropos that it all happened that way for me. Everyone can recall a particular piece of music gaining your attention because of the timing of hearing it, your mood, the time of day. I went out and read a lot of articles and stories about the band, interested obviously in Channy and her thoughts on creating music, and how she built that unique distorted vocal style. I wish I could remember the publication, but one had an interesting interview in which the singer explained how she’d often aim for the purely emotive instead of concrete words. I think that shows a cool understanding for how music and consciousness works. Music is often absorbed, more like a painting than a novel. Moods and sounds are intuitive at their root. When I first heard “I See My Mother”, I didn’t understand a word Channy sung in that phrase, “Oh, what a web I have woven myself in / I’m always chasing after somebody else.” But one thing I was certain of: it just sounded sultry the way the words glided into one euphonic burst under that wicked bassline. She doesn’t talk about that kind of thing in the Pitchfork documentary, but you get a good feel for her love of music and life on the road. This is a good offering, well worth watching. Follow the band at it’s official website and at facebook. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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2 thoughts on “Poliça | PitchforkTV Documentary

  1. Literally jamming this album on a roadtrip to Austin as I received this email. So amazing. I’ve seen them a couple of times this year but their recent performance at ACL was enough to completely lock me in. Huge fan. All I’ve listened to for the last couple of weeks.

    Thanks for the linkage. Preparing to immerse myself in Polica.


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    • Yeah, it a damn good record. I just had to add to the post — that I think I’ve actually played “I See My Mother” more times on my personal i-pod than maybe any song this year. I just love that track. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mark! Best wishes. Have a good road trip.

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