Desire | Tears From Heaven (Video)

Last week I wrote about the Chromatics’ track “Looking For Love”, which will be featured on Italians Do It Better’s upcoming 16-song compilation, “After Dark II”. Now there’s a third single for another song, “Tears From Heaven”, by Desire — a band which features Chromatics’ Johnny Jewel, along with two other musicians — singer Megan Louise and Nat Walker on synthesizer and drums. “Tears For Heaven” is a wonderful kind of 80s-based art-pop track, which also seems to be about searching for love, feeling and the self: “I stare out stained-glassed windows / But I didn’t see anything / I live just like a shadow / I didn’t feel anything.” This is record is slowly lining up to be a good one. The album will also include music from Farah, Glass Candy, Twisted Wires, Symmetry, Appaloosa, and Mirage.  The video below was directed by Alberto Rossini. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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2 thoughts on “Desire | Tears From Heaven (Video)

  1. Actually, I’m a fan of vintage Italian progressive rock, usually the less popular bands or one-album wonders. Hundreds of the best progressive rock albums ever made came out of Italy in the early 70s. Alphataurus, Semiramis, I Giganti, PFM, Museo Rosenbach, Campo di Marte…I could go on and on, though it wouldn’t be very relevant to this blog for me to do so, except to say that progressive rock was the mainstream pop of Italy in that time period, it was that popular, and my contact with that era of Italian pop has sensitized my musical antennae to pop and rock coming from Italy in altogether. So, I look forward to the forthcoming comp of which you’ve just apprised me, and thanks!

  2. Btw, it’s a wonderful clip and a really nice track! I paused the video after a minute or so when I realized I needed to check on my laundry, and found myself singing the verse in the laundry room! Started it over when I was done and really enjoyed it. Very elegant simplicity in the arrangement, while the structure is on the complex side.

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