Mesita | XYXY

Mesita released a new track, “XYXY”, from an upcoming 2013 record. So far, the youthful Colorado musician has been pumping out exuberant and immensely creative music for a few years now. And he’s done it at quite a pace. There 2008’s “Cherry Blossoms” and a 2009 EP called “No Worries”, which it appears he’s combined into one record. Then there’s 2010’s “Living/Breathing” EP, and a slew of singles like “You or the City” and “Out For Blood” that have found their way into albums. In 2011, Mesita released a record called “Here’s To Nowhere”, which this year he re-worked into acoustic versions for a free download, followed by the release of an LP “The Coyote”. Whew. And the marvels keep coming. One of his gifts, beyond being prolific, is his ability to form beautiful melodies, with both guitar and lead vocal. His sound has a passionate immediacy about it, shifting and transforming as it moves onward through multiple musical transitions within the songs themselves. It’s easy to get lost in the creative elements because the beauty seems to flow in waves. In “Out For Blood”, Mesita begins with what sounds like two guitars, one playing rhythm, the other melodic highlights, before lighting the fuse with an anodyne singing style that builds into something anthemic. This time around, with “XYXY”, he’s done something a little different. There are more electronics and even jazzy brass forays. He riles up addictive rhythmic beats and percussion, brings them down with light piano, before coming back full circle into a dynamic chorus. Everything is still there, the passion, the experimentation — but there’s an additional level now. It’s called maturation. And it’s a beautiful thing. Read archived Their Bated Breath posts about Mesita here. You can follow Mesita on twitter, facebook, and soundcloud, where you can download this latest gem. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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