CoMa | Wouldn’t It Be Good If It Was True?

I’ve been listening to this CoMa (aka Nicole Fox) track, “Wouldn’t It Be Good If It Was True?”, for a few months now and have neglected to post about it. It’s so much a part of my personal i-pod playlist that I can’t help but write about it now before the year’s end. The song is part of an ever-growing online compilation of tracks simply titled, “The CoMa Collection”, which you can hear at bandcamp. (As of this post, the collection features 29 songs.) “Wouldn’t It Be Good If It Was True?” highlights that old artistic maxim that ‘less is more’, and it manages to convey sultry mood and seductive ambiance in feathery vocals, resonant piano, a clickety-clack sample, and soft heartbeat percussion. It’s reminiscent of some of the prettier female vocal-led Massive Attack tracks. The wonder of the lyrics rests in a kind of hyper-sensory reflection and the vagueness of sensual phrases like “I can feel it” and “someone’s coming” — that give the song that floating, immersive feel. Things are undefined and yet palpable. There’s such a power underneath the teeming surface of the song, but it’s also fragile as papier-mâché. The entire arrangement is majestic, sexy, and breathtaking. It’s clearly one of the best tracks released this year: “Breathing in / To taste the clouds / Let me slip away / And fade into the crowd / I want to evaporate / And be embraced by air  / I want to be water / And flow without a care / I can feel it, someone’s coming / I can feel the weight of their eyes / Whispering, so softly as they sing.” Follow CoMa at facebook, and listen to a new track, “Beauty In Errors”, posted a few days ago by Synthetic Epiphany & CoMa. Note: Artwork by Jenn Violetta. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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5 thoughts on “CoMa | Wouldn’t It Be Good If It Was True?

  1. Wow, once again, very nice writing, David! It’s not easy to convey music and the feelings it invokes in prose, and you’re probably far better at that than you think!

    • Thanks Dan! Hope the wintry season is going well for you. Yeah, I wish I had more time to devote to writing posts. But I try as best as I can. First, I just try to be honest. And second, if I like something, I try to describe as best I can why a work is good. Thanks again.

      • I’ve gone & downloaded the entire collection for a small donation. Gee, David, I don’t know how I ever got by without Their Bated Breath

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