THEIR BATED BREATH | Best Albums of 2012

To hear songs from these records: Their Bated Breath: Best Songs of 2012

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4 thoughts on “THEIR BATED BREATH | Best Albums of 2012

    • Hey Dan. Yeah, I friend of mine, who was reading my Best Of lists was saying the same thing about Joseph Arthur. As far as Sean Hayes, I just think the guy is such a great songwriter. The weird thing about him is that his musical style would seem well-suited for radio air play, selling lots of records, etc. But it appears he’s always been one of those artists who just has a smaller, but tight-knit fan base. Anyway — his website (thankfully) has every album up, and you can stream every song in its entirety:

      • @Dan: As far as listening to Hayes, I recommend:

        Album: “Alabama Chicken”
        Songs: Probably still his best record. (It’s his folky beginnings. Best tracks: “Balancing Act In Blue”, “Here We Are” (especially if you’re into lyrics. He rattles off some unreal poetry), “Moonrise” is pretty cool too.

        Album: “A Thousand Tiny Pieces”
        Song: “God’s Eyes” is just gorgeous. It’s simple and pretty, with wonderful sentiments, compassion, and good humor.

        Album: “Big Black Hole & the Little Baby Star”
        Songs: “Calling All Cars”, “Politics”

        Album: “Flowering Spade”
        Song: “All For Love”

        EP: “Honeybees Falling”
        Song: “Day Falls, Night Opens” (Incredible track. Reminds me of the kind of stuff Nick Drake did at his best.)

        Album: Run Wolves Run
        Songs: “When We Fall In”, “Gunnin”

        Album: “Before We Turn to Dust”
        Songs: “Before We Turn to Dust”, “Live It”, “Lucky Man”, “Miss Her When I’m Gone”

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