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Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’d been listening to a lot of “Exile On Guyville” and “Whip-Smart” on Spotify at work the last couple of days. Former Vogue and Marie Claire model Carmen Villain (aka aka Carmen Hillestad) is trying to pull a little bit of Carla Bruni here, and make her way into the music world. Judging by this first single release, “Lifeissin”, she sounds pretty damn good. The track is reminiscent of Liz Phair with the lonely-girl vocal modification, that elongated way of stretching out the vocal melodies, and isolated reverb-guitar strumming. I prefer the opening, more mellow part of the track, to the more raucous/warped sounds two-thirds of the way in, but it’s a beginning with promise. And there’s no denying she has a quality voice. The song is littered with pretty aphorisms, interesting images, catchy words pairings, and phrases like “life is sin”, “soft to the touch”, “reach out for the skyline”, “frozen free”, and “how does it feel to believe I’m going to hell.” Villain’s upcoming LP “Sleeper” will be released March 11th via Smalltown Supersound. Prior to the album’s release, the label will release two 12″s with remixes by Prins Thomas and Optimo. The record label lists her influences as Sun City Girls, Sonic Youth, Royal Trux, Broadcast and Bikini Kill — so it will be interesting to see what kind of sound the record will have. You can follow her on facebook and twitter. All lyrics are unofficial. — David D. Robbins Jr.

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3 thoughts on “Carmen Villain | Lifeissin

  1. Wow, I love the list of influences! As well as being intrigued by your samples of the lyrics…I’ll check out the track and maybe circle back here to the comments…it’s great to see all these posts rolling up here! Very best regards, David…:D

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